TimeChainZ is a timestamping application that utilises ChainZy mutual distributed ledger architecture. TimeChainZ provides proof that a given piece of information existed, or event happened, at a given point in time. Each timestamp is recorded as an entry on ChainZy’s transparent, authoritative and immutable ledger. A ledger entry can be easily located using the timestamp’s unique officially recorded time or its unique universal identifier.

Uses for TimeChainZ include dating financial contracts, proving authorship of data and intellectual property, aggregating disparate sources of information and facilitating information exchange between organisations. TimeChainZ also provides a valuable mechanism to coordinate and audit other Smart Ledgers and blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. TimeChainZ is designed to operate as the most stripped-down mutual distributed ledger possible and has been scaled and customised for a variety of customer use cases.

TimeChainZ In Action