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Youthinmind is a “psychology technology” business providing diagnostic services for mental health conditions in children, adolescents and young adults. The company’s key products utilise online forms filled in by patients, their family members and teachers. Youthinmind’s initial use for ChainZy was to provide client governments with an immutable record that patient survey interactions had happened at a given time and had not been altered subsequently. As a second stage use case, survey responses written to ChainZy were cross referenced with respondents’ physical location to create a dynamic daily global heat map of the results.

ChainZy processes 100,000’s of survey responses and Youthinmind interactions every day across 60 countries. In 2016, ChainZy processed 8.2 million transactions, increasing to 15 million in 2017. The ChainZy product suite was written into the Youthinmind software with minimal disruption and at near-zero throughput cost. As well as providing data security and validation for respondents, the use of ChainZy has helped Youthinmind visualise and track user interactions, enhancing their sales strategy and performance management.