The Mutual

Customers of ChainZy can choose to join ChainZy MutualSL as their contracting entity. ChainZy MutualSL is a customer owned entity that contracts services and licences from ChainZy and is run for the benefit of ChainZy’s customer base.

The mutual structure provides significant governance advantages to clients by providing direct oversight on pricing and the terms of the ChainZy product. Its structure also provides opportunities for customers to cooperate on network reporting and statistics for verification.

Furthermore, a mutual creates the basis for transmitter/receiver pairings across organisations, with the objective of enhancing the resilience of the ChainZy network. ChainZy’s strength is approximately exponential with the number of links and correspondents in its network. Companies may choose to accept encrypted broadcasts from other company transmissions, and in turn encourage others to accept their transmissions. Participating entities would enhance the strength of the network and the resilience of their own data. This co-operation structure means ChainZy would be able to survive even determined malignant attacks, since suborning a significant percentage of correspondents will be an increasingly formidable task.