TimeChainZ (formerly MetroGnomo)

TimeChainZ is a timestamping application that utilises ChainZy mutual distributed ledger architecture. TimeChainZ provides proof that a given piece of information existed, or event happened, at a given point in time. Each timestamp is recorded as an entry on ChainZy’s transparent, authoritative and immutable ledger. A ledger entry can be easily located using the timestamp’s unique officially recorded time or its unique universal identifier.

Uses for TimeChainZ include dating financial contracts, proving authorship of data and intellectual property, aggregating disparate sources of information and facilitating information exchange between organisations. TimeChainZ also provides a valuable mechanism to coordinate and audit other Smart Ledgers and blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. TimeChainZ is designed to operate as the most stripped-down mutual distributed ledger possible and has been scaled and customised for a variety of customer use cases.

GeoChainZ (formerly GeoGnomo)

GeoChainZ is an open source application exploring various uses for geocoding in mutual distributed ledgers. GeoChainZ utilises three systems for geostamping: Quaternary Triangular System, a Quaternary Rectangular System, and a Variable Rectangular System. Each can be used to record geographic areas into a blockchain and can be easily translated from latitude and longitude areas to geocodes and back.

The geocoding systems used by GeoChainZ have various benefits over traditional latitude and longitude. Each system of reference is compact and memorable, enhancing ease of use and decreasing input error. Importantly, the coding systems provide aggregation flexibility and customisable levels of precision. This allows users to describe comparably a variety of area sizes and structures, both natural and human, such as forests, beaches, buildings. GeoChainZ provides blockchain applications with an instant and scalable ‘global post code’ system. Using the system users can share information easily: ‘tell the drone to come to my back garden’, down to a resolution of 7.6 metres or 0.35 mm, etc. Geocoding has a broad array of potential applications including delivery and logistics, asset management, trade and navigation. GeoChainZ provides a base programme on top of which specific geocoding products can be built to customer requirements.


IDChainZ is a digital identity documentation handling application for individuals and companies. The programme enables users to hold a ‘key ring’ of certified identity documents (passports, utility bills etc) and allows multiple external parties to add, certify and exchange know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) documentation.

IDChainZ uses an innovative ring structure to store documents and set permissions for specific companies/inquisitors to access specific levels of an individual’s documentation. Using sprites, pieces of self-executable code, users may also set time and use restrictions on inquisitors for access to their documents. The ring structure has inherent flexibility. Rings have a hierarchy where master rings are aware of all their sub-rings, but the sub-rings know nothing about their parent – or even if they have one. Each document ring is a self-executable program held on ChainZy’s mutual distributed ledger. Parent rings can set access conditions for sub-rings. Sub-rings can be programmed to have use limits and/or a self-destruction date.

Identity based applications are one of the most commonly cited use cases for blockchain technology. IDChainZ is a flexible and highly scalable application in the area using ChainZy technology. The programme is available either through web browser or a mobile app on the Android platform and can be scaled and customised according to customer requirements.