ChainZy plc is a technology company delivering secure data and transaction handling capabilities to clients using Smart Ledgers. The company is registered in Gibraltar and has plans for funding and significant roll-out in spring 2019. ChainZy is an ‘internet of record’ platform for the storage of transactions on a fast, reliable, scalable, secure and immutable Smart Ledger. Transactions are strongly encrypted and accessible by private key. ChainZy is designed to be used by applications that require a secure, authoritative history of transactions: financial services, utilities, public sector, ‘internet of things’ and many other areas of business and government activity can benefit from ChainZy.

We work with private and public-sector clients to build and support applications on the ChainZy platform. Our technology solution is compatible with existing client systems and processes and is built with both scalability and longevity in mind. ChainZy also supports closely related applications, such as time stamping of transactions (TimeChainZ) and managing digital identity (IDChainZ). These related applications can be integrated into the ChainZy customer offering as required.