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MetroGnomo’s open source timestamping service, based on mutual distributed ledger (aka blockchain), enabled Fishface to record impartial and accurate timestamps, as part of its objective to record the entire fishing catch of inshore boats around the UK.

Fishface taps into the inshore fishing industry which make up a substantial but often overlooked part of the national fisheries. It is a valuable tool which helps identify fish species, quantify catch rates, location, evaluate discard rates, and how the catch is handled, by using affordable consumer video cameras with GPS to record the data. By eliminating the need for an observer operator, Fishface can reduce the cost of data collection significantly.

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Accurate and verifiable time records are a necessity for the modern fishing industry. Fishface needed a low-cost tool that would accurately time-stamp fishing activities that were being tracked, even under extreme weather conditions.

Application And Solution

Fishface used MetroGnomo capabilities to construct accurate geo-tagged records of the fishermen’s catch, including measurement and recording of the speed of the boats, as well as the type of fishing activity occurring at a given point in time. The following images show activity recorded by Fishface:

A. Overview of all fishing trips recorded during a specific period


B. Path of a single fishing trip tracked by Fishface; GPS log (top right); video clip of the trip (bottom right);


C. Path of a specific boat trip; graph of boat speed (top left); GPS log (bottom left);



Using this data, Fishface can provide robust data analysis and thorough insights into fishing activities.