GeoChainZ is an open source application exploring various uses for geocoding in mutual distributed ledgers. GeoChainZ utilises three systems for geostamping: Quaternary Triangular System, a Quaternary Rectangular System, and a Variable Rectangular System. Each can be used to record geographic areas into a blockchain and can be easily translated from latitude and longitude areas to geocodes and back.

The geocoding systems used by GeoChainZ have various benefits over traditional latitude and longitude. Each system of reference is compact and memorable, enhancing ease of use and decreasing input error. Importantly, the coding systems provide aggregation flexibility and customisable levels of precision. This allows users to describe comparably a variety of area sizes and structures, both natural and human, such as forests, beaches, buildings. GeoChainZ provides blockchain applications with an instant and scalable ‘global post code’ system. Using the system users can share information easily: ‘tell the drone to come to my back garden’, down to a resolution of 7.6 metres or 0.35 mm, etc. Geocoding has a broad array of potential applications including delivery and logistics, asset management, trade and navigation. GeoChainZ provides a base programme on top of which specific geocoding products can be built to customer requirements.

GeoChainZ In Action