SmartChainZ ‑ Mattereum

ChainZy provides three essential functions for Mattereum: first, a phone app that enables owners of artefacts to register those artefacts and their provenance, together with authentication by experts and the purchase or sale of those artefacts. Second, ChainZy acts as an immutable record of all Mattereum activity. Mattereum transactions are legally binding, so their secure maintenance on a smart ledger is essential. Third, ChainZy assures the integrity of Mattereum transactions: Mattereum uses Ethereum as the underlying block chain of record, however the inherent transaction delays of Ethereum make it impossible to guarantee the integrity of a transaction until the next transaction block is written. By using ChainZy as a transaction buffer, Mattereum can guarantee timely recording of transactions (Chainzy is effectively instantaneous), whilst ChainZy takes care of the longer process of writing the transaction to Ethereum.